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I wrote this book in the early 1990's. It was a follow up to my published childrens' novel Peter's Magic Fountain Pen. Although it was provisionally accepted for publication I simply did not get my act together and so until I added it to my Amazon bookshelf in March 2017 it remained unread.

Although a child aged between ten and fourteen could read and, I hope, enjoy The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating it is more an adult's view on a child's life. Therefore, the readership appeal is wide. I would personally give this book four stars. Speculate 99p for an e-book version and see if you agree with me.

The book is currently not available in paperback format although I have long had ambitions for this to happen. If you pick up a book by Roald Dhal the author is only 50% of the book. Without the illustrations by Quentin Blake I would suggest that Roald Dahl could never have become the international success he was. I believe that Di Central eating is a good book but with illustrations it could become a very popular read.

There are ten adventures Di has to share with you:


All of these adventures are fiction but each has a small grain of truth drawn from my own childhood memories. Speculate 99p and join Di through some great childhood adventures.

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I have been writing stories since I was a teenager, it is my hobby. I have written in a number of different styles and genre but never before have I tried my hand at crime fiction. It is, of course, the most popular of all among readers.

In February 2017 I decided to try my hand at this and so came up with an idea for ANGELS OF THE ANTI CHRIST. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the adventure of fictional Thames Valley Police's Major Incident Team. As I was bringing the story to its conclusion one of the characters, Detective Sergeant David McDermott, whispered into my ear with a plot for another case - McDERMOTT'S NEXT CASE. This fictional character then whispered into my ear again with third story, KRATH THE PORN STAR.

So here is the trilogy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I have given this trilogy three stars in my own review. I think it deserves more but there is a need for more cases to be investigated. I am currently working on a new chapter THE LOTTERY OF EVIL then plan a fifth case ROBIN HOOD. When those two chapters have been completed I will republish the e-book and also offer readers a paperback version.

The present trilogy will cost you 99p for an e-book. Speculate 99p and I hope you enjoy the unique detective skills of Dave McDermott.

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Peter's Magic Fountain Pen was the very first book I ever had published. I wrote it as a gift for my oldest son's birthday in 1992. That original book is long out of print but an e-book is now available on Amazon.

Back in 1992 I wrote under the pen-name of Jonathan Flie, now I am Max Robinson.

Peter Morgan is given a gift from his great-grandfather, a fountain pen. When Peter writes with the pen he is transported to the time and place he is writing about.

Peter's family is descended from Pirate Henry Morgan. As Peter travels back in time and meets his ancestors he finds the Morgan Family has been at war over more than two hundred years with the family of Pirate Edward Teach, Blackbeard.

I have awarded this book four stars in my personal review. Speculate 99p for an e-book and see if you agree with me.

Several of my stories have an element of tie travel within them. I am fascinated that moving through time is scientifically possible. If there are parallel universes and it is possible to move from one to another then time travel could move from being a subject of fiction to scientific fact.

In this book I have selected three times and locations from my own family's history and taken myself on an adventure to those times and places.

As a writer I write stories for my own enjoyment, if anyone actually reads one of my books that is a bonus, if they enjoy whet they read it becomes a double bonus. There are millionaire authors within Amazon, I am not one of them !  While I would not turn down royalties at the level some writers enjoy I am happy with my present levels where I can enjoy myself writing and hope those who read my scribble can also gain enjoyment from my words. I do have another ambition within my writing, I hope that I can inspire others to write. Can I inspire you to select three times and places then to write your own time travel trilogy. Give it a try, I promise you it will be fun.

I have awarded this book three stars in my own ratings.

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It took me more than a year to write The Bridge House. Awarding it five stars in my personal review I believe it is my best work.

Although largely fiction the story centres round my grandmother, Lilly. It begins when she is ten years old and the death of Queen Victoria. It ends in 1983 when Lily's life-long desire brings a tear to her eye.

It is an eight decade love story which not only tells Lily's life story but also takes the reader through the times in which she lived.

The book is available both in e-format and as a paperback. I have illustrated the story with photographs of the characters and the locations. These illustrations, particularly in the traditional printed format, is reflected in the price.

If you purchase the book I hope you will find Lily's story a sound investment.

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This is a story, two stories actually, which is slightly different to the usual style of Max Robinson.

The love that dare not speak its name is a phrase from the poem Two Loves by Lord Alfred Douglas, published in 1894. It was mentioned at Oscar Wilde's gross indecency trial.

Wild, of course, was found guilty at his trial and served two years in prison, two years with hard labour.

We live today in a more enlightened age and understand that when Cupid fires his arrows he does not take into account the gender of those he targets.

I have awarded these two stories two stars in my personal grading. Spend 99p for a Kindle edition and see if you agree with me.

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Sometimes a story a story will come into my head in something of a serendipity moment. The story is complete with the plot. characters and setting. This happened twice with these stories: The Diary Of A Slave Owner and The Great Pretender,

I have to say that a story hitting my mind in this way is very special for me, I wish it would happen more than it does. I have awarded these two stories two stars. Spend 99p and see if you agree with me. - Sale Now On!

It is said that your school years are the happiest days of your life. Mine were not. They were the biggest waste of time within my life. School and education were monochrome.

Teaching involved the presentation of information without anything like an explanation. The happiest day of my teenage life was the day I left school.

Yes, I hated school. How strange that I should end up as a teacher and senior member of staff in a large school myself ! But that is another story.

It will cost you 1.99 to read my schoolboy autobiography, every word is true - no fiction here. Read my story then contrast it with your own experience.

Two wonderful years working as an arrogant management trainee in a city centre deportment store. Had Destiny not meddled and sent me down an entirely different career path I could possibly have become Britain's King Of The High Street.

This is the sequel to my schoolboy autobiography THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY.

It was a great journey for me to take my mind back to those happy teenage years, spend 1,99 then come on a great journey of fun with me.

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Bletchley Park, Winston Churchill's Ultra Secret, the home of the code breakers tapping into the German Enigma messages. I lived in Bletchley Park for three years when I attended teacher training college located in one of the former decoding blocks.

I have taken my knowledge of Bletchley Park to build the story of Billy Hardcastle, himself an enigma, into something I hope my readers will enjoy.

I think this story is worth four stars, spend 1.99 for an e-book to see if you agree with me !


Billy Ashford was my uncle, my father's older brother and an uncle I never met. He was killed during a bombing raid over Germany on the night of 8th March 1945.

I was not born until November 1950 so obviously never met him, never met him but did know him. As I grew up his memory was alive within our family, his photograph was always there to be seen and he was constantly mentioned in family conversations.

For the past twelve years I have, on and off, researched our family history. I started with the anecdotes my grandmother, Billy's mother, used to tell me then moved out to delve into records held in many different places. It was not hard to learn more of my uncle who had died at such a frighteningly young age.

Although I never met Uncle Billy I do know him. In this interview I have taken his character as I understand it, wrapped it in my imagination then allowed him to speak for himself. I would like think that the words I have here put together in this interview are what my uncle would have said for himself.

I think this story is worth four stars in my ranking. Spend 2.99 and see if you agree with me.

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Having written my schoolboy autobiography and scribbled my teenage autobiography I assembled more than sixty memories from my teaching career.


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A writer who has achieved far more fame than ever I could even dream of said there were seven ages of man. I think he was right although my seven ages are not quite the same as those he listed.

There are my pre school years of which I have no memory at all.

There are my schoolboy days. I hated school. My memories of those monochrome days are told in the first part of this trilogy. THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY.

Then come my late teenager years which I have recorded in THE STORY OF A TEENAGE ENTREPRENEUR (Failed)
Fourth in my own list of seven ages is the time I spent at university. Three years there have merged into one mass. There is not enough substance there, no enough individual anecdotes, to write about.

Fifth, my teaching years. These are told in RANDOM MEMORIES.

I am currently living through age number six, my post retirement years. Perhaps when I get to then end of this age I may write about it all but not now.

Finally, age seven, my senility. I hope that is still a way off and when I get there I doubt I will be capable of writing anything !


Max Robinson